How to plant and mulch your trees.
Planting a tree correctly is the difference between your tree having a long life versus a short life. Be sure to learn proper techniques before you plant. Plant a seedling, small potted tree, or something larger. Every tree counts! If well cared for, seedlings and small trees will grow healthy and strong.

Correct mulching- Don’t let mulch touch the tree’s trunk; think “donut.”

How to Plant Seedlings

How to Mulch a Tree
After planting your tree, mulch it for the first several years of its life. However, mulching incorrectly will kill your tree. Beware the volcano!

Incorrect- The mulch "Volcano" suffocates a tree's trunk and roots and will eventually kill the tree

An important note on planting seedlings: make sure roots are straight in the hole and not doubled over or J-rooted (bent like a J).

Rabbits will eat small trees and seedlings, as well as chew on the bark of larger trees. Be sure to cage your newly planted trees for several years after planting to protect them.