-Mendota Heights will lose thousands of ash trees in the coming years due to Emerald Ash Borer Disease.

-Once the insect's larvae bores into an ash tree, the tree cannot survive without a perpetual chemical treatment.

- Our Mendota Heights community has over 15,000 vulnerable Ash trees.

-Our goal is to get 5,000 trees planted in five years to help replace trees that are dying.

-We are calling on home and business owners, places of worship, golf courses, cemeteries, the city, the county and YOU to plant more trees of various kinds. Variety is crucial.

Dying Ash Tree

Roots in the Ground

Be a CHAMPION for Mendota Heights - plant a tree!

Trees planted to date - 1041

Plant a seedling, small potted tree, or something larger. Every tree counts! If well cared for, they will all grow healthy and strong. Our June giveaway event was featured on local TV. Watch it here

Thanks for planting trees!

This is what YOUR street could look like - right here in Mendota Heights!
  • Trees of all types will continue to be lost to a range of pests, diseases, and a warming climate.

  • By strategically planting canopy trees to cast shade on heat-radiating surfaces such as roadsides, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks, we will, collectively, help mitigate the heat island effect in our community and at the same time replace some of the trees that are lost to Emerald Ash Borer.

  • Neighborhoods with canopy trees (overstory) are much cooler than treeless areas.

  • Trees help keep our air breathable and our water clean.

  • By replacing trees, we nurture community and nature, and maintain Mendota Heights as a healthful place to live.

Why this is important

A lot of our Mendota Heights streets still look a little bare.

Facts: In 20 years one Red Maple tree will:

-Remove 3,100 lbs. of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

-Reduce 30 lbs. of air pollution

-Save 570 kWh of electricity

-Avoid 4,800 gallons of rainfall runoff

-Filter 15 lbs. of ozone, nitrogen dioxide & sulfur dioxide from the air we breathe

source: i-Tree

Participation is EASY! This website can help you get Roots in the Ground!

-How to get started

-Recommended canopy trees for Mendota Heights

-Where to purchase seedlings, root balls and trees

-How to keep your new tree healthy

-How you can help organize